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Rocky Mountain Power Under Fire For Proposed Fee on Home Solar Panels

Associated Press

Elected officials and leaders from the business and religious communities joined forces this past Wednesday to oppose Rocky Mountain Power's proposed $4.65 monthly "rooftop solar" fee.

Is a fee for solar energy users a 'sun tax' or fair play?

Salt Lake Tribune

Angled to the southeast, Stan Holmes' home above the state Capitol has a great view of City Creek Canyon but a less optimal position for solar panels -- they generate most of their electricity in the morning, not during afternoon surges in demand. 

Faith, business groups blast proposed fee on solar-equipped homes

Salt Lake Tribune

A growing chorus from across the sociopolitical spectrum is denouncing Rocky Mountain Power's proposal to impose a monthly $4.65 fee on its net-metered customers -- those who generate their own power from solar rooftop arrays and pipe what they don't use into the grid.

My view: Climate predictions — Doomsday pollution cuts

Deseret News

 When it comes to programs that promise to clean our air, there’s one thing you can count on: Every time safeguards are announced, industry screams that they will doom the American economy and hammer consumers’ wallets.

This is particularly true of coal and power companies, who have never met a clean air plan they didn’t lambast as a looming apocalypse. One of their favorite predictions is that cutting pollution will cause electricity prices to go through the roof.