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Utah’s solar power homeowners fight proposed utility fee

Salt Lake Tribune

Five years ago Jim French spent $25,000 to install 14 solar panels on the roof of his Salt Lake City home — half facing south and half facing west. More recently he added another four on the roof’s west side to capture more of the sun’s rays in the late afternoon — a time when electricity use spikes as utility customers crank up air conditioners and other appliances.

Solar Panel Owners Blast Rocky Mountain's Proposed Fee

City Weekly

 More than 2,000 solar panel owners in Utah soak up the sun's rays to power their homes and in some cases even provide extra energy back to the grid. For Rocky Mountain Power with it's heavy emphasis on coal-fired power it's a small but welcome contribution of clean energy. That's what solar panel owners thought at least until Rocky Mountain Power recently has proposed charging a $4.25 a month net metering fee onto solar users.

Utahns protest proposed fee for solar panel users


 SALT LAKE CITY – A protest was held Thursday as Utahns expressed their disapproval for a power company’s proposal to charge customers who use solar panels.

Rocky Mountain Power is considering charging customers who use solar panels an additional $4.25 each month, and members of the group Utah Citizens Advocating Renewable Energy expressed their displeasure.

U CARE members asked the public service commission to reject the proposal from RMP, claiming the proposed fee would discourage people from pursuing solar energy.

Ashes To Ashes: In The Heart Of Coal Country, Utahns Worry About A Toxic Mountain Of Pollution

City Weekly

Though much maligned for its invasion into the air Utahns breathe, carbon is an element that is everywhere, throughout the earth and in all living creatures. In the human body, it’s the second most abundant element, right after oxygen. And in the heart of Utah’s Carbon County, carbon—the primary stuff of coal—is the lifeblood of the residents and the hardscrabble communities formed to mine the black gold that has powered the world for generations.

Scientists In Salt Lake City Seek To Act Against Global Warming


 Scientists In Salt Lake City Seek To Act Against Global Warming