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DOE contemplating next move on depleted uranium

Salt Lake Tribune

The U.S. Energy Department is trying to decide whether it should start shipping depleted uranium that was originally headed to Utah last fall.

Federal stimulus money is paying for 15,000 barrels of uranium-enrichment waste from the Savannah River Project in South Carolina to be buried in the low-level radioactive waste site operated by EnergySolutions Inc. in Tooele County.

But the Utah Radiation Control Board is months away from determining whether more DU, as the waste is often called, belongs in Utah.

Waste solution

Salt Lake Tribune

The U.S. House sent a message to Italy, to Utah-based EnergySolutions, and to the world Wednesday -- the United States will not be a dumping ground for other nations' radioactive waste. By a vote of 309-112, members wisely approved the Radioactive Import Deterrence Act, which bans radioactive waste imports.

Bennett blocks N-waste measure

Salt Lake Tribune

Washington » Sen. Bob Bennett's reservations over legislation that would ban the importation of foreign radioactive waste are holding up any Senate action on the measure, its lead sponsor said Thursday.

Sen. Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Republican who introduced the bill in the Senate, said he doesn't plan to push the legislation that has already zoomed through the House until he's able to assuage Bennett's opposition.

House says no to foreign N-waste

Salt Lake Tribune

Washington » One hurdle down, opponents of Salt Lake City-based EnergySolutions' plan to bring foreign radioactive waste to Utah are now bracing for a tough fight in the Senate over a proposed ban on the stuff.

Ban on foreign waste from Italy to Utah gets OK

Deseret News

The U.S. House voted Wednesday to ban importing foreign low-level radioactive waste and block an attempt by EnergySolutions to bring tons of it from Italy to Utah.

It voted 309-112 for a bill pushed by Reps. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, and Bart Gordon, D-Tenn., to bar such foreign waste, which includes lab coats, shoe coverings and cleaning cloths from nuclear power plants. EnergySolutions has proposed to process 20,000 tons of Italian waste in Tennessee and dump it in Utah. The bill now goes to the Senate.