Say no, or we may glow

Deseret News

 As a lifelong Utah resident, mother and avid outdoors person, I insist the Division of Radiation Control reconsider its decision to allow EnergySolutions to dump up to 40,000 cubic feet of blended nuclear waste in the West Desert.

I understand this is a significant source of potential revenue for the state. However, a long-term profitability and sustainability study should immediately be conducted by an independent third party before such brash and potentially devastating decisions are made. While EnergySolutions employs techniques to "safely" dispose of nuclear waste (i.e. burying it in the ground), they fail to address unknowns such as earthquakes and faulty containers that could potentially result in tragedies like those seen last year in Japan.

We shouldn't look toward the short-term profits of selling us off as a landfill and disregard the greater picture of Utah's ability to generate income through tourism and commerce by developing a safe and inviting environment. (And don't forget to include the potential cost of combating a slew of lawsuits if the general public's health is compromised.) I have no doubt that when the true costs of this decision are assessed, this will be an offer the state can refuse.