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Protestors Argue Gov. Herbert's Land Fight With Feds


 (KUTV) Outside the Governor’s mansion is a protest filled with critics of Governor Gary Herbert.

Inside the mansion, Herbert's counterparts seemed in no rush to follow his approach in a land fight with Washington.

This was billed as the "Rocky Mountain Roundtable."

Five western governors were to be here, but only three showed in person.

There were demonstrators outside making their voices heard.

"What we have in common here is just a real sense of frustration that the governor has gone too far,” said Heidi McIntosh of the organization SUWA.

Environmentalists are criticizing Gov. Herbert’s stances on public land, nuclear power and exploration.

The governor defended his record at the meeting with Wyoming and Idaho counterparts.

Except they did not seem excited about Utah's demand, by state law, that the feds give back millions of acres of public land.

2News reporter Brian Mullahy will have a live report on 2News at 6pm.