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Nuclear’s unsafe past

Salt Lake Tribune

 I am not an expert on nuclear physics, but it did not take much to look up disturbing facts as to why Germany, Switzerland, Venezuela and China are suspending, and in some cases dismantling, their nuclear programs due to safety concerns.

The United States has had 49 nuclear-related accidents, costing six lives and billions in repairs and compensation. Worldwide, totals exceed 99 accidents, with hundreds losing lives, thousands suffering radioactive-related illnesses, hundreds of thousands evacuated and thousands of square miles uninhabitable. Including: Kyshtym, Soviet Union; Windscale, England; Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania; Chernobyl, Ukraine; Tokaimura, Japan; and Fukushima, Japan.

Proponents for a nuclear program here in Utah should take a better look at the safety issues. I strongly urge the public to contact their legislators and representatives and speak out against this $16 billion proposed project on the Green River.

As an energy source it is not only unsafe, it is increasingly being viewed as obsolete in Europe and around the world.

Hugh Culley