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My view: Climate predictions — Doomsday pollution cuts

Deseret News

 When it comes to programs that promise to clean our air, there’s one thing you can count on: Every time safeguards are announced, industry screams that they will doom the American economy and hammer consumers’ wallets.

This is particularly true of coal and power companies, who have never met a clean air plan they didn’t lambast as a looming apocalypse. One of their favorite predictions is that cutting pollution will cause electricity prices to go through the roof.

Hold Your Breath for Clean Air

Associated Press

Dr. Brian Moench, president of Physicians for a Healthy Environment; Cherise Udell, founder of Utah Moms for Clean Air and Matt Pacenza, policy director for HEAL Utah have a dirty secret in common: They’re hoping for a really bad inversion next winter.

Op-ed: EPA carbon plan works for Utah, despite delegation’s complaints

Salt Lake Tribune

 Sadly, some in Utah’s congressional delegation greeted EPA’s long-awaited "Clean Power Plan" with a knee-jerk response that amounts to no more than uninformed fear-mongering.

Energy Summit Considers All-of-the-Above Options

Utah Public Radio

Utah's energy community met Wednesday at Gov. Gary Herbert's 3rd annual Energy Development Summit to talk about the state's all-of-the-above approach to powering everyday life. 


Utah clean air advocates energized by President Obama's plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions


It's one of the most aggressive actions ever taken by the federal government on climate change. Monday President Obama announced a new plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions from America's power plants over the next couple of decades. Today's announcement couldn't have come at a better time for clean air advocates here in Utah.