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So, folks, Wednesday Feb. 12 is the day to be at the Capitol!

Look at all the bills! PLEASE come up to the Capitol and sit in one of two of these hearings and show you care about Air Quality and Clean Energy!


This is a dangerous week.

The skies are clear. We’re all thankful for the storms that have dumped snow in our mountains and rain in our valleys, but along with cleaner air comes a tendency to forget about the filthy inversions.

Clean Air Groups Slam Sen. Harper Proposal To Penalize Clean Vehicles


Clean Air Groups Slam Sen. Harper Proposal To Penalize Clean Vehicles

Express Shock that Bid Surfaces Just As Legislature Vows Clean Air Actions


First of all, thanks! I really appreciate you all signing up for these regular updates from the 2014 State Legislature session. We all get so much darned email, and it's flattering that you think enough of HEAL and health and environmental issues to get even more!


I guess I was naive. Everything about the State Legislature's approach to clean air seemed different this year: the number of bills, the positive rhetoric, the seeming willingness to make this once-marginalized issue a priority.

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