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Feds Announce Key Tier 3 Cars and Gas Rules; Time for Utah Refineries to Step Up


Feds Announce Landmark “Tier 3” Car And Gas Rules

Program Critical To Clean Utah’s Air, But Only If Refineries And State Leaders Step Up

Federal officials today announced final “Tier 3” car and gas rules that promise to significantly help clean up the dirty air that plagues northern Utah during our winter and summer pollution seasons.

2014 Air Quality Bills

Fund Clean Air!

The 2014 State Legislature has so far been quite positive for bills that take steps to help limit air pollution along the Wasatch Front.

By our count, 9 of 11 bills related to clean air have passed committees in the House and Senate so far. Proposals to buy cleaner school buses and state fleet vehicles, hire a new state state-level Sustainbility Coordinator, boost the tax credit for electric vehicle purchases, and get dirty lawn equipment off the street: All passed!

State Legislature Update #5: Pretty, pretty good!

Hey, folks, a fact-filled update here. For those of us working to support clean air-related legislation, it's been a long, action-packed week!

I'm so tired that this morning I called my 5-year-old "Senator" and asked him to support my amendment. He asked for more Oatmeal Squares.

Clean Air Bills Finally Hit Legislature Wednesday