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State Legislature Update #5: Pretty, pretty good!

Hey, folks, a fact-filled update here. For those of us working to support clean air-related legislation, it's been a long, action-packed week!

I'm so tired that this morning I called my 5-year-old "Senator" and asked him to support my amendment. He asked for more Oatmeal Squares.


Well, we've been telling you for a few weeks that 2014 was the year for lots of clean air bills -- and you probably stopped believing us when the State Legislature met for 12 days and hardly anything happened!

Until Day 13, that is.

Clean Air Bills Finally Hit Legislature Wednesday


So, folks, Wednesday Feb. 12 is the day to be at the Capitol!

Look at all the bills! PLEASE come up to the Capitol and sit in one of two of these hearings and show you care about Air Quality and Clean Energy!


This is a dangerous week.

The skies are clear. We’re all thankful for the storms that have dumped snow in our mountains and rain in our valleys, but along with cleaner air comes a tendency to forget about the filthy inversions.