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Non-Partisan Exposure: Why we Should Ratify the CTBT and go back to fighting amongst ourselves

 Some issues are partisan, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty is not.

This treaty will ban nuclear explosions – anywhere in the world. It will lock in United States nuclear superiority, assure that other countries do not develop nuclear weapons, create a framework for comprehensive arms control, and assure that the United States never exposes its citizens to fallout from THEIR OWN BOMBS!

No matter what your feelings about war, guns, military, Glenn Beck, or ABBA, you can support the treaty, and it will protect you. The risks of testing are as indiscriminate and nonpartisan as a tsunami (except that tsunamis are not scheduled when the wind is blowing toward Utah - a “low use” segment of the population).

When you test a nuclear weapon it kills people. All kinds of people.

Look at this map of fallout from nuclear testing:


When conducting a nuclear test red states and blue states are really just exposed states.

Just ask Republican and Democratic people throughout Utah, the west and the United States upon whom fallout fell during decades of atmospheric and “underground” testing.

Ask their children if the loss of their parents was partisan. Ask their physicians if thyroid cancer favors a conservative or liberal interpretation of the Constitution. 

Fallout is bad in a way that transcends politics.

That's why the Senate has, with bipartisan consistency, ratified every treaty regarding nuclear weapons, except one – we are still waiting on one. The comprehensive one, the one in which our government promises the world that it will never bomb its own citizens again.

In Utah we need this promise more than anyone, and as the whirlwinds of opinion in Washington rage with theories of deterrence and destruction, we need this promise before the world more than ever.

We need to know that we will never be downwind of another nuclear test.

The theory of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), if both sides can destroy each other completely they won’t, may have protected us from nuclear war, but it didn’t prevent us from being exposed to fallout from nuclear weapons.

MAD may have prevented nuclear war but it did not protect Utahns. The CTBT will protect all Utahns, all Americans, and all humans.

It’s time to ratify the treaty.

It’s time for the government conceived to protect us protected us from itself.

Senators Hatch and Bennett, it’s time to protect the people you represent, the country you serve, and the world you live in.