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Matheson Writes an Honest and Clear Letter to Gov.

Last week was a bad week for people who care about Italian radioactive waste coming to Utah. 

While our new Gov. has been disturbingly inconsistent and ambiguous about where he stands on importing Italian nuclear waste, Rep. Matheson has taken a stand on the issue.

Matheson wrote a letter to the Governor urging him to not go back on his word and making VERY VERY CLEAR his position on foreign nuclear waste:

Now before you get all partisan on me for this one – let me point out that the bill he mentioned is co-sponsored by a long list of republicans including our very own Jason Chaffetz (definitely not a Democrat). Now that you've settled you partisan souls enough to read a letter from a blue dog re-read it!
I think you'll find it very clear. Matheson opposes importing Italian waste.

Governor Herbert's recent statements unfortuneatly have been significantly murcky...but we’ll save that for another post.